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Core Identities

Our Vision

Sojourn Church exists to glorify God by making disciples who know the gospel, live out the implications of the gospel, and share the message of the gospel.

The gospel changes and transforms everything. Without the gospel real change is not possible in anyone’s life. As God's people we are called and compelled to share this message message. We must tell people about the transforming power of Jesus.

Believers and non-believers need to hear and believe the gospel.

More specifically, as people know and experience the gospel they are called to live out the implications of the gospel. We see the major implications of the gospel manifesting themselves in five gospel identities that should be evidenced in the life of every follower of Christ.

The five core gospel identities are: Worshiper, Theologian, Family, Sojourner, Missionary.


Worshiper: The gospel has brought about a changed nature and heart. We have been given new affections that are focused on God and his glory instead of on ourselves. We once worshiped ourselves. Now, through the redeeming work of Jesus, we worship God. All of life is worship. Our thoughts, heart, and actions reveal what we are worshiping. At Sojourn we want to call one another to continue to focus our hearts and minds on God and away from the world and ourselves. We are to gather together as the body of Christ in corporate worship, to worship in our families, and to worship in private throughout the week. All we do should be focused on making much of God, not ourselves.

Theologian: It has been said that what we think about God is the most important thing about us. What you think about God is your theology. Every person has a theology and is therefore a theologian. At Sojourn we want people to know God as he has revealed himself in and through his Scriptures, which are focused on the person and work of Jesus. Theology and doctrine are helpful and essential in order for us to know God and to know ourselves in relation to God. True disciples will always be learning and growing so that they might grow to maturity in Christ.

Family: The gospel has not only saved us from the penalty of our sin, but has also brought us into the family of God. He is now our Father and we are now brothers and sisters to one another. The gospel has created a new family that exists as the universal church and is expressed through local church. At Sojourn, we want to be family where everyone is speaking truth to everyone. As family we care for one another, counsel one another, confront one another, exhort one another, encourage one another, love one another, and serve one another. You are not a follower of Christ in isolation, but in community. It is the primary context for the gospel to be believed and lived out. As a family we image Christ to the world.

Sojourner: Jesus has inaugurated his Kingdom and he did so as a servant of man. He said that those who are first shall be last and those who are last shall be first. Our King is a servant and his disciples we are called to be servants too. As the people of God we have been transferred and placed into the Kingdom of God. We are now called to live with Kingdom-mindedness and to live with Kingdom-influence in the present world until King Jesus returns and rules and reigns in the consummation of his Kingdom. We live with a focus on the New City knowing that this place is not our home. We are Sojourners and Exiles in this place. As such we seek to be Kingdom-minded servants during our sojourn and we do this by seeking the good of our city, our country, and our world. We serve the people of our community in the name of Christ. The gospel calls us to be others focused, not self focused. One specific distinction of Sojourn Church is that we are very focused on orphan care and physical adoption of orphans from all over the world. 

Missionary: The gospel is message to be proclaimed. No one can come to Christ apart from hearing the message of the gospel. As the redeemed people of God we are now called to be ambassadors for Christ on mission to reach our neighbors and the nations with the gospel. We remain in the world in order to tell the world about Jesus. No follower of Christ is exempt from sharing the gospel with others. At Sojourn we are calling people to be on mission in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, city, and world. We gather weekly as the church to then scatter weekly as the church on mission that others might call on the name of Jesus and be saved from sin and adopted into the family of God. The church is God’s Plan A for the world.

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