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Sojourn Blog

What's the Deal with Advent?

Posted by Justin Pearson on

This week is the beginning of Advent. While some of us grew up in the church and some of us did not, most of us probably don’t have a great grasp on the what, why, and how of Advent. So in short-form here’s a rundown of the particulars. What?Advent means coming or arrival. As we...

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An Advent Devotional

Posted by Justin Pearson on

The Advent season is an intentional time during the year for the church to corporately look to and celebrate the birth and incarnation of Christ. As a church family, we have the opportunity of growing and focusing our eyes together on the birth of our Savior. For this reason, we have decided to...

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A Call to Thankfulness

Posted by Will Klotz on

With chaotic travel plans in place, thousands of turkeys prepped for slaughter, and hours of great football to be watched, it seemed most fitting to take a couple minutes to meditate on thankfulness. The topic of thankfulness is found ubiquitously throughout the scriptures and if followers of...

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