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Are You Merciful?

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Sojourn Church exists as a family of brothers and sisters who gather on Sundays in Fairfax, VA and scatter throughout the week all around Fairfax County. As a young church God has done some pretty amazing things over these last 2.5 years of our existence. There are many stories of how God, in his power and grace, is enabling us to fulfill our vision and mission—to glorify God by making disciples who know the gospel, live out the implications of the gospel, and share the message of the gospel.

We should be thankful and give praise to our good God who has been so kind and gracious to us in so many ways.

But in the midst of seeing God do some amazing things to help us live out the vision of our local church, there is an area that he has convicted me on that we need to grow in together.

As we make disciples and grow as disciples an implication of the gospel in our life, a fruit that the gospel produces, is for every one of us to be agents of the Kingdom of God while we await the return of the King. We are no longer of this world, but we are sent into it for the glory of God and good of those around us—our neighbors and the nations.

This place is not our home. We are sojourners, passing through as we await the new heavens, new earth, and new city.

But until that day comes and the journey is complete and Christ rules and reigns fully and completely over all of creation, we are to take the blessings and mercy of our King to those in need around us who are experiencing the effects of sin and rebellion. We are to show and give radical mercy.

The hope and goal is simple—for Sojourn Church to become a merciful community to our community.

For six weeks we are opening God’s word and seeing what it has to say about showing and giving mercy to our community. We began this past Sunday.

This is going to challenge you and me.
This is going to press on areas of your life and mine.

But I believe that it is God’s grace to us to show us where we need to grow and then helping us to walk in obedience to his good word.

And I am hopeful for what God will do in the life our little church.

I am praying that God will raise up men and women in our church to lead in this area. But showing and giving mercy is not something any of us can sit on the sidelines for. All of us, if we are in Christ, are called to show and give radical mercy to others.

Why? Because, as I said on Sunday, we have received radical mercy from our God. And because of that we can now heed Jesus’ words—“You go, and do likewise.”

Are you merciful?



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