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Coronavirus Update

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Updated: March 14, 2020

You can find the March 15 sermon video, songs, and liturgy by clicking here.


Brothers and Sisters,

We want to address COVID-19 (coronavirus) and how we are praying, thinking, planning, and processing what has now been classified as a pandemic by WHO.

To begin, let me encourage you to not be foolish, flippant, or fearful about what is going on, but instead grounded in faith in the faithfulness of God.

In the media and on social media we have seen demonstrations of foolishness and flippancy. This is a serious issue for our world, country, and community and we should take it as such. That means that it is important to take reasonable precautions.

While it seems, so far, that this virus is not as detrimental to younger demographics, a wonderful way to love our neighbors who are older is to be willing to heed wisdom and instruction from health experts so that they might remain in good health.

So please wash hands thoroughly and regularly, practice prudent social distancing, stay away from people if you are symptomatic or they are symptomatic, etc.

We should also not be fearful. This is serious, but it is not a surprise to God. God is sovereign and we know that he is good. While it can be confusing as to why something like this is happening we can trust in the character and nature of God as we navigate life in broken world.

That means we can and should walk in wisdom as well as pray for peace for our own hearts and minds and the hearts and minds of others. We should also pray for a quick end to this virus as well as wisdom for leaders who are having to make hard decisions.

What does this mean for Sojourn?

Last night, FCPS canceled all community use activities (e.g. our Sunday gathering) starting this Sunday through April 12. 

What this means is that for the next 5 Sundays we will not be able to have service like we normally do.

While this is unprecedented and new for us (and everyone else) we do not despair, but seek to remain steadfast and faithful in what God has called us to as his church.

The church is a gathered people, but that isn't the only way we exist. So in light of the present circumstances we are working on a few options for us to continue to stay connected to one another and gather together in appropriate ways.

This Sunday (March 15) we will be sending out the sermon via video recording thanks to Scott Cooper. We will also provide some songs via Spotify that you can listen and sing along too for worship as well as liturgy components.

We would encourage you to consider watching with a few other people at 10:30AM and spend time processing and praying through what God teaches you. It is a way to know that you are doing this with the wider covenant community. That we are in this together.

As for the following Sundays we are working on a few plans and talking with a couple of churches about options, whether that is doing an afternoon/evening service at their facility or joining them in them morning. 

I anticipate that other local churches will also be canceling services over the coming weeks (DC and KY have already encouraged churches to do this).

Once we have additional information we will let you know. 

We believe it is okay, taking reasonable precautions, for Community Groups to continue to gather and to meet with one another in public or private for mutual discipling.

We will keep you posted as we gather more information and monitor the overall situation and recommendations by health officials, locally and nationally.

Let’s continue to seek and savor Christ, making much of him in the midst of uncertainty.

Jesus is King.

.grace and peace.
Justin, on behalf of the Elders



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