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Justice & Prayer

Posted by Justin Pearson on


We live in a broken world and fractured society. This year has made that abundantly clear to us in so many ways.

Many of you have seen or read about what happened and is happening in Kenosha, WI after another police shooting of a black man. Protests, vigilante actions, most major professional sports teams choosing not to play in protest have followed.

Not all of the facts are known yet about everything that happened. And, honestly, I feel at a loss for what to say and have a lot of swirling thoughts.

But I do know that…

  • Shooting a man seven times in the back in front of his children is wrong.
  • Vigilante “justice” resulting in the murder of two protestors is wrong.
  • Destruction of property, looting, and violence as a means to bring about reform and change is wrong.

And I know that as citizens of the Kingdom of God and followers of Jesus we need to press into this and not look away or ignore it.

Our world is hurting. People of color—who are fellow Americans, neighbors, friends, fellow Christians, family, some of you—are hurting. We are in need of justice and change, of repentance and revival, individually and systemically.

Our world is longing and looking for justice, but secular justice is often a farce built on faulty worldviews.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is where we must step up and step in.

You and I follow a Risen King who can bring about restoration and real change, individually and corporately. And who does so through his people who have been transformed by the gospel and are now ambassadors of reconciliation.

We have the living word of God which gives us not only a right worldview but within it a biblical view of justice. Justice that can truly change lives and our world. Not perfectly. That won’t happen until Jesus comes again. But in a redemptive way that will display a genuine love for God, genuine love for neighbor, and the ethics of our King and his Kingdom.

There is much we could talk about in light of all that is going on. But today I want to leave you with a few resources and steps.

The Prayer and Action Justice Initiative. A new organization who is partnering with many reputable organizations such as Prison Fellowship.

A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory. This is an article by Tim Keller that outlines biblical justice and critiques secular justice theories on both sides of the political spectrum. The article is long, but is worth a thoughtful read, especially with all of the discussions happening about what justice really is and how Christians should think about it. Keller has written two other articles about race and racism that you can find at the bottom of this article.

1- Pray. Pray for justice, pray for change, pray for an end to racism, pray for revival. Pray for how God would have you engage and act.
2- Be slow to speak and quick to listen.
3- Pray again.

Let us not lose hope, but seek to exalt Christ and represent Christ, the one who will one day come again and make all things new.

​​​​​​​Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

.grace and peace.



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