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Prep for Sojourn Gathered | February 18 2018

Posted by Sojourn Church on

The goal of this short blog post is to help you prayerfully and thoughtfully prepare for gathering together as the church this Sunday. Take some time to read the text, listen to some of the songs, pray for the preacher and those who will gather.

Text to be Preached Sunday: Hebrews 12:18-29

Songs we'll be singing together:

"Praise to the Lord" - hymn by: Joachim Neander [listen]
"How Great Thou Art" - hymn by: Stuart Hine [listen]
"His Mercy Is More"
- by: Matt Papa and Matt Boswell [listen]
"There Is A Fountain" - hymn by: William Cowper [listen]
"Wondrous Love" - hymn by: Anonymous and Journey Collective [listen]
“In Tenderness" - hymn by: W. Spencer Walton [listen]

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