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Seeing Jesus | John 1:1-5

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Hey Sojourn Family,

This Sunday we begin our new sermon series, Seeing Jesus, in the Gospel of John. 

Remember to intentionally engage a few people who are not connected to a church or are not yet believers and invite them to come with you. And let's be praying for God to do more than we can ask or imagine through our time in his Word!

For this series we are going to do something a little different and not only send out questions to consider each week, but also a verse(s) to memorize.

This week we will be in John 1:1-5

Verses to memorize: John 1:1-3 (do all 5 if you feel so led).

Here are some questions to consider as you study the text ahead of Sunday:

  • What other text(s) is John alluding to in the first few verses? What other texts in the NT reiterate what John is saying here?
  • What key truths is John establishing? Why is this important to understand at the beginning of this gospel narrative?
  • How does this text help you to better understand who Jesus is and elevate your view of him?
  • How could you use the truths of this text to engage someone about Christ who does not yet know him?
  • Who is someone you can encourage this week with something you learned from this text? 

I'm looking forward to journeying through John with you as we seek to see Jesus together!

.grace and peace.



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