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Seeing Jesus | John 1:35-51

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Hello everyone,

We are coming to the end of John 1 in our Seeing Jesus series! We had a great discussion about the text today at Tuesday Morning Bible Reading and Prayer (which by the way is open to men and women!). 

I'm looking forward to diving into it with you on Sunday!

This Sunday we will be in John 1:35-51.

Verses to memorize: John 1:45-46

Here are some questions to consider as you study the text ahead of Sunday:

  • Review. What does it mean that John calls Jesus the Lamb of God? Why does this matter?
  • Why do John's followers start following Jesus? What does that tell us about them and about Jesus?
  • What stands out to you about how Andrew and the other disciple react to Jesus and how Nathanael reacts?
  • What is significant about what Andrew does after he begins following Jesus?
  • What does Jesus mean in v. 50-51? Why does it matter?
  • What do we learn about faith, following, and evangelism from this text?
  • Who is someone you can encourage this week with something you learned from this text?

Have a great rest of the week!

.grace and peace.



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