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Seeing Jesus, Questions, Prayer & Fasting

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Hello Sojourners,

This Sunday (10.25) we will be jumping back into our Seeing Jesus sermon series in the Gospel of John. I am really looking forward to this and hope you are as well.

We will be gathering outdoors and online at 4PM. Then, starting November 1, we will be gathering indoors at 4PM.

Our text for this week is John 13:1-17. Study questions are below.

But first, I wanted to remind you and encourage with you two other things. 

We are doing a week of prayer and fasting to conclude our Kingdom Citizens sermon series. This Friday we will be doing a Prayer and Worship night with RGC at 7PM. It will be indoors so masks and social distancing are required.

As for fasting here is an encouragement from Edward:

"Fasting often shows me the profound nature of my prideful impatience. As you fast, and find yourself hungry or hangry, here is something that helps me: When noticing hungry/hangry- STOP!!!
S- seek to serve and not to be served.
T- thank God for one specific thing.
O- believe the best about others.
P- pray for help and praise God.

Taking a min or less to do this helps to starve my pride and fuel my humility."

Question to consider as you study the text ahead of Sunday:

  • What is the context of John 13:1-17? Where are we in the narrative of the gospel of John?
  • What strikes you the most about this text? 
  • How do you see more of who Jesus is from this text? What encourages you?
  • What is the purpose of the foot washing? Is there more to it than an act of service?
  • What does Jesus mean in v. 8? Why is this significant?
  • How does his exhortation in v. 12-17 challenge you in your life and relationships?
  • Who is someone you can encourage this week with something you learned from this text?

Enjoy Jesus this week!

.grace and peace.



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