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Seeing Jesus

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Hello Sojourners,

This Sunday we jump back into the Gospel of John and our Seeing Jesus sermon series. I am really looking forward to it.

Let me encourage you to do a few things to prepare and engage with this series:

1- Re-read John 1-3 to provide refreshed context for what will be preached over the next two Sundays out of John 4:1-45.

2- Re-listen to sermons from the series. You can find them here.

3- Pray. Pray for yourself, the church, and the preachers as we open God's word to set our gaze, rightly, on our Savior King.

4- Think of someone you can invite to join you who either doesn't yet know Jesus or isn't connected to a local church. Think of someone and actually invite them out.

Have a fantastic week seeking and savoring your Redeemer!

.grace and peace.



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