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Study Questions: John 8:12-30

Posted by Justin Pearson on


This Sunday we will be in John 8:12-30. Below are some questions to help you as you study the text this week.

One quick note. We will be skipping over John 7:53-8:11 in our preaching. The reason is, as your Bible probably mentions, it is highly unlikely that it is original to John's gospel. There is nothing inherently wrong about it, but it is most likely not Scripture. 

Here's a note from the ESV Study Bible:
"There is considerable doubt that this story is part of John’s original Gospel, for it is absent from all of the oldest manuscripts. But there is nothing in it unworthy of sound doctrine. It seems best to view the story as something that probably happened during Jesus’ ministry but that was not originally part of what John wrote in his Gospel. Therefore it should not be considered as part of Scripture and should not be used as the basis for building any point of doctrine unless confirmed in Scripture."

In light of the resounding agreement in scholarship, we will jump to John 8:12. And, as we will see, it seems to fit the narrative and context better.

Questions to consider as you study the text:

  • How does v. 12 tie back to what Jesus said in John 7:37-38? How does this text fit within the context of the Feast of Booths?
  • What is significant about Jesus declaring, "I am the light of the world"?
  • What do the Pharisees focus on? What does this tell you about them? What does Jesus' response tell you about him?
  • John 8:24 is a strong statement. What does Jesus mean? How is this relevant to our life and world today?
  • Jesus foreshadows his death in v. 28. We have the perspective of looking back to it. How does this shape our understanding of who Jesus is? How does it help us to see him as the light of the world?
  • How should this impact the way we live life and engage with others?
  • Who is someone you can encourage this week with something you learned in this text?

Enjoy Jesus this week!

.grace and peace.



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