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Who are we?

Posted by Justin Pearson on

Hi Sojourners,

This Sunday we will have the joy of spending time together centered around 1 Peter 2:1-10. This is one of my favorite texts in all of Scripture because it reminds us of who we are and what we are supposed to be about, not merely as individuals, but as a community of the redeemed.

This is an important text for our church to sit and soak in so that we might bear fruit as we strive to live Spirit-filled lives together. Don't miss this Sunday.

Here are some questions to consider as you study the text ahead of Sunday:

  • How does v. 1-2 connect with what Peter has said in the previous verses? What is he calling us to in these verses?
  • What does it look like to long for pure spiritual milk? How does that manifest in your life and the life of our church?
  • What do we learn about identity in v. 4-5 and 9-10? Why does this matter?
  • What is significant about Jesus being the cornerstone and us being living stones built up?
  • How does who we are impact what we are called to do based on this text?
  • What encourages you about this text? What challenges you? Where might God be leading you to faith and repentance?
  • Who is someone you can encourage this week with something you learned from this text?

Have a great week! See you Sunday!

.grace and peace.



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