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Would Anyone Care?

Posted by Justin Pearson on

As we have gone through the Mercy series a question that I keep coming back to and keep asking is—Would anyone care if Sojourn Church no longer existed? Would anyone notice?

Of course the people of Sojourn would notice and care. But what about the people of Fairfax?

The church is called to exaltation and edification. When we gather on Sundays we should seek to exalt our God and praise him for who he is and what he has done and is doing. We should seek to build one another up and encourage one another in Christ. When we scatter throughout the week we should continue to exalt our God and edify one another. Our relationship with God does not exist only on Sundays and neither do our relationships with one another. Every aspect of life is an opportunity to give worship and every day there are opportunities to encourage and challenge one another to rest in the gospel and live out the implications of the gospel.

But we as the church cannot forget that we are called to not only exaltation and edification but also to mercy and mission.

The gospel makes us right worshippers.
The gospel allows us to know God rightly.
The gospel makes us family.

But the gospel also calls and compels us to do kingdom work as kingdom people through word and deed until Jesus returns or calls us home.

What this means is that our presence as God’s people who are not of this world, but who are sent into it, should be noticed and felt by the community where we find ourselves. Kingdom people doing kingdom-minded things should impact the people we interact with as we sojourn here.

I want Fairfax to be thankful that Sojourn Church is here because Sojourn Church being here means that the people of Fairfax are being loved on, cared for, encouraged, and helped. I want us to be an asset to this community, not a liability, not a drain, not inconsequential.

Can we continue to pray toward that end? That God would truly help and use us to be a merciful, caring, loving, serving community to our community?

I believe one of the key ways this will happen is when we pursue our love for the Lord first. Why? Because God loves this city—it is made up of people who bear his image. And as we grow in our love for the Lord we grow in our love for the things he cares for. Our love for the Lord overflows in our love for our city.

Let me press a bit further.

Would your neighbors care if you no longer lived near them? Would they even notice?

Sojourn, if we are going to be a merciful community to our community we have to be involved in, know, and care about the people of the community.

Do you know your neighbors? If they had a need would you know about it?

Brokenness is all around us because people are all around us.
Stop, look, listen.

Move toward the need, showing and giving the love, mercy, and grace of Christ that you have received.

Let’s take seriously Jesus’ call and walk in the way of our King.
Let’s give generously, go boldly, and continue to think, scheme, and pray.
For the glory of God and the good of our city.

I am excited to see what God will continue to do. I hope you are too.



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