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Vision, Values, Identities


We exist to glorify God by making disciples who know the gospel, live out the implications of the gospel, and share the message of the gospel.
We submit fully to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:34-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) of our Savior-King, Jesus.


Why we exist is informed and guided by our collective core values that flow out of our individual core identities in Christ.

Core Values

Christ is Lord, Savior, and head of the church. Our church is his church, which is founded by the gospel and functions by the power of the gospel. We call all people to Christ and call all people to follow Christ because Christ is Lord of all.

We desire to be a community that is only explainable because of the gospel, a community where you can be fully known and fully loved, a community that works together to make much of Jesus among our neighbors and the nations.

As a church, we not only want to see people know and follow Christ but also to care for them as they follow Christ. This value manifests itself through an authentic community of mutual care. The members of the community care for one another as embodied souls journeying to the New Heavens and New Earth where Christ will make all things new.

We cannot claim Christ without being conformed more into his image. Therefore, we seek to encourage and exhort one another daily to be conformed to Christ in every aspect of our lives. United to him by faith, we strive to live and love like Christ.

Core Identities

The gospel has brought about a changed nature and heart. We once worshiped ourselves. Now, through the redeeming work of Jesus, we worship God. We want to call one another to continually focus our hearts and minds on God and away from the world and ourselves.
Every person has a theology and is therefore a theologian. We want people to know God as he has revealed himself in and through his Scriptures. True disciples will continually learn and grow so that they might so that they might progressively mature in Christ.
The gospel has not only saved us from the penalty of our sin, but has also brought us into the family of God. As family we care for one another, counsel one another, exhort one another, encourage one another, love one another, and serve one another. You are not a follower of Christ in isolation, but in community. Community is the primary context for believing and living out the gospel. As a family, we image Christ to the world.
As the people of God, we have been transferred and placed into the Kingdom of God. Knowing that this present world is not our home, we live as sojourners who focus on the New City. During our sojourn, we seek to live in this present world as Kingdom- minded servants through seeking the good of our city, our country, and our world. We pursue all of this in the name of Christ.
As the redeemed people of God, we are ambassadors for Christ on mission to reach our neighbors and the nations with the gospel. We are calling people to be on mission in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, city, and world. The local church is God’s Plan A for the world.


As God continues to guide and guard our church we must own this mindset: Embody an every-member ministry culture of disciples making disciples.


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